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Incomplete Metamorphosis

Settling into my new life

20 February
I'm a 33 year old Minnesota native now living in Tennessee with my boyfriend Don, his son, 2 totally awesome cats (Roundear and Fetchy) and a small aquarium of tropical fishes.

In 2010 my entire Nashvegas life turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and Endometriosis, both of which are incurable. My health continues to decline rapidly, and I am on an eternal quest to find answers in a medical system built to disguise symptoms...not find the reasons for them. In the last 2 years I have bought a house that I share with our little family, changed jobs, and had to give up all my previous activities. I was in a goth-metal band, was a semi-professional bellydancer, practiced yoga regularly, and was a fairly active and basically healthy person. Since then I have been learning a lot about myself, our healthcare system, and alternative and holistic medicine.

I am keeping my journal public for several reasons. Mostly, I want this to be a resource and inspiration to anyone who has had to deal with finding their own answers in a healthcare system that is intrinsically broken. While my symptoms may not match yours, it may be a stepping stone pointing you in the right direction. If I can impact at least one other person's life and make their journey easier, this journal has done its job. It's also to help me remember my own journey, and to allow me to see that progress IS being made, if but slowly. It's a written memory. It's an inspiration. It's my life.